1Do you have facilities for the use of Shotgun and handguns?
No, however our friendly neighbours, SSAA Ripley do. Feel free to contact them if this is more your thing.
2Do I need to provide my own ear and eye protection?
Yes, you should supply your own PPE. The club has some Protective equipment for an emergency but these resources are limited.
3Can I use a 22lr?
You can use a 22lr, but only on the days of an organised rimfire shoot. refer to our calendar for details.
4Do I need to book?
At IDRC you aren’t required to book each time you wish to participate. Weekly competition occurs at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. However if you are a beginner it would be wise to contact the club via email before arriving so that we can arrange for the right equipment and a shooting coach to be present on the day.
5Do I need to provide my own targets?
At IDRC your weekly range fee will entitle you to the use of shared club targets that are maintained weekly.
6Do I need to be a member?
You don’t need to be a member to start with. After 3 or 4 visits, when you find your feet and decide Fullbore is for you, we would encourage you to join. As soon as you sign up you will benefit from a significant decrease in weekly range fees.
7Can the kids come along and shoot?
Minors are allowed to participate in target shooting as long as they have or are eligible to obtain a minor’s weapons license (no younger than 11 years of age with photo ID and complies with requirements as stated in the Legislation).  An unlicensed minor must also be under the direct and immediate supervision of one of our range officers. IDRC also recommends a firearms safety course be completed prior to participation in the sport.
8How do I get a Qld firearms license?
To obtain a Qld firearms license you must meet a few requirements. The first of these is to make sure you are eligible to hold a firearms license in Qld. If you are eligible then you need to do a firearms safety course and obtain an authentic statement of attainment. IDRC offers periodic safety course training by an accredited trainer. (for more info see the safety course page of this website.) Once you have done this you need to apply for your license. You can do this application online with the weapons licensing branch of the Queensland police.
9When are club shoots?
IDRC meets weekly during our sporting season which occurs between the months of February and November. During that time club shoots are held every Saturday from 1pm until approximately 4.30pm apart from the very occasion exception. For more detailed information please refer to our club calendar.
10What are the weekly costs involved in Full Bore target shooting.
Generally the weekly cost of full bore is fairly minimal. To shoot you must pay a weekly range fee. The range fee is $20 for non-members. Members of IDRC benefit from a low $12 weekly range fee. The only other cost is ammunition. Shooters are welcome to supply their own. Palma or Target ammunition is definitely recommended over hunting rounds. Ammunition can be purchased on site for under $50 for 25 rounds which is all you will require for the day of competition.
11How do I join Ipswich and District Rifle Club?
To join our club is easy. The first step is to make sure you are eligible to shoot. You can do this by taking the quiz in our online training part of the website. Once you are sure you are eligible to shoot you can contact the club at idrc@live.com.au. Somebody will get back to you as soon as they can (please remember we are a volunteer run organisation). It is always a good idea to organise a time to try the sport and make sure long range fullbore target shooting is for you before arranging membership. once you are ready to join you will need to;

  • Complete a membership form and return it to the club
  • Pay the required membership fee
12What if I don’t have a weapons license?
That’s Ok you can still shoot, as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • A person who is eligible to obtain a licence may have possession and use a weapon at a range approved for the category of weapon, if they have produced photographic identification and signed the appropriate forms. Possession and use must be supervised by a range officer.
  • Full licence holders must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Children of at least 11 years of age can use certain firearms, with adult supervision, under a minor’s licence.
  • A person is ineligible to hold a Weapons Act Licence if, within the past five years, they have been convicted of offences including misuse of drugs, or weapons, and the use or threatened use of violence.
  • A person is ineligible to hold a Weapons Act Licence if they are or have been the subject of a domestic violence order in the past five years.
13What if I don’t have a firearm, can I borrow a friends or is there one I can use at the range?
Ipswich and District Rifle Club has well maintained firearms that are suited to our range for visiting shooters to use under the supervision of a club coach (book ahead to ensure club rifles are taken to the range). Visiting shooters are welcome to use a friend’s firearm with the permission of the range officer on duty providing;

  • the owner is licensed to be in possession of the firearm
  • both parties have signed the range register
  • it is suited to the range we are shooting from
  • The owner is present at the time of its use
14My rifle has a muzzlebrake, can i use it at your range?
No you can’t use it with the muzzlebrake. If your muzzlebrake is removable you can use the rifle without the muzzle brake attached attached.
15I don’t have safe storage yet, can your club store my rifle for me?
No. Ipswich and District Rifle Club does not have provision for this service. QRA at Belmont does click the hyperlink for more information. Alternatively you may be able to make arrangements with your local firearms dealer.