Butts photo at Ripley Full-Bore Range Stewartdale Target Sports Complex

Old manual targets

Ipswich and District Rifle Club have taken a proactive approach to ensuring they have state of the art facilities at their Ripley range.  The club has procured state of the art electronic targets. These targets are the very same technology being used internationally and at Australia’s premier full bore range and 2018 Commonwealth Games host venue; Belmont Shooting Complex in Brisbane.

Electronic Target Butts assembly

Modern electronic target

The HEX systems, HEXTA -002 targets have been purchased and installed on the Ripley Range. These modern electronic target systems can be used with a high degree of reliability. They can also provide up-to-the-minute scoring over the internet, track an individual’s shot groups as well as manage their performance data over an entire season. The increased reliability and functionality has taken long range target shooting at Ripley well into the 21st century.

For IDRC local Rules applicable to the use of Electronic Targets see  the document below.

Download (PDF, 392KB)



Scoring interface in action

Electronic Target Scoring System for compeditor and spectators.

Scoring interface