The .303 caliber rifle, for a long time was the main firearm used by competitors of target shooting sports. Its origins as a military service rifle during the major wars meant that it was the pinnacle of technology and very accessible to the forebears of Target Rifle and F class.

303-rifleThese firearms lead to the development and refinement of the modern .308 caliber rifle used in our sport today and holds a sacred place in the history of our sport.

Once every few years Ipswich and District Rifle Club is proud to hold a .303 prize shoot which in many ways is a tribute to the history of the magnificent .303 both as a service rifle and as the predecessor to the modern .308 used today.

It is also an opportunity to remember those who have served in the military and paid the ultimate price.

A significant social event in the club calendar, the .303 shoot is attended by competitors from all around South east Queensland who are interested in the nostalgia of shooting a .303.