An F/TR Class rifle is limited to .223 Remington or.308 Winchester calibre chambers. Ammunition may be commercially made or hand-loaded as defined in Rule F2.24. There is no restriction on bullet weight. The F/TR rifle class is limited to the use of an attached bipod and/or a sling as front supports, optionally together with a rear bag
none of which provide a positive mechanical means of returning the rifle to its precise point of aim for the next shot . The overall weight must not exceed 8.25kg including all attachments (such as, but not limited to, its sights and bipod, if any). See the ICFRA Rules for more detail. – ICFRA Rules for F-Class Rifle Shooting

  • All activities on the Ipswich and District Rifle Club range at Ripley are subject to the Range approvals below.

range approvals chart