Historically the Queens Prize has been the pinnacle of rifle shooting competition and as such the most coveted award for rifle shooters. First initiated by HM Queen Victoria in 1860 it was employed in Britain as a strategy to improve marksmanship within the colony after the Crimean War.

The concept spread throughout the British Empire and the first Queensland Queens Prize shoot was held in 1878 from 20th-24th of August.

The Queensland Rifle association’s Queens Prize is the oldest running Queens Prize event in Australia. For more than 130 years the competition has continued to be held during the month of August when 100’s of rifle shooters pilgrimage from around the country and even the world to participate in the prestigious event.

In it’s long and proud history the only time the event has not taken place is during the war from 1914 – 1919 and once in 1967 due to extremely poor weather conditions.

The history of the Ipswich and District Rifle Club and the Queensland Queens have been intertwined since the event began in 1878. Throughout it’s history of more than 130 years Ipswich shooters have competed in the event.

We are even fortunate enough to boast the success of club members past and present who have been able win the coveted prize. With strong membership, supportive club atmosphere, quality coaching and skill development our hope is that shooters from Ipswich and District Rifle Club can continue to be a competitive force in the QRA Queens Prize well into the future.