Ipswich and District Rifle Club (IDRC) caters for long range full bore (.308 and .223 calibre) target shooting. Our range is located next to the SSAA's Ripley range on the SSAA Stewartdale target sports complex. We generally meet weekly on a Saturday afternoon at 1pm.

For the most part this is the only time during the week that the IDRC range is open.

Weekly competition is divided into two rounds of shooting. Both rounds are generally performed in the prone shooting position. The first round comprises of 2 sighting shots and 10 shots to count.

The second round comprises of 2 sighting shots and 11 shots to count. At the end of both rounds the scores are totaled to give an overall score for the day.

When on the range safety is paramount. IDRC follows strict processes which must be adhered to at all times to ensure the safety of all participants. All new shooters are coached by experienced club members to assist with technique, advice, safety and enjoyment of the sport.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in long range full bore target shooting at Ripley please check out FAQ's and contact the club at idrc@live.com.au to arrange a time to come and try target shooting.