F class shooter taking aim

Rifles of any calibre up to 8mm are permitted. Telescopic sights are permitted. A front rest or bipod and rear sandbag are permitted for supporting the rifle.

For those driven by the challenge of long range accuracy and the more technical aspects of load development, this is the class for you.


F-Class (F/S & F/O)

The highest possible score for the first round is 60.10 (numerals following the decimal are a total X super V bulls) and for the second round is 66.11. The highest possible score for a full shoot is 126.21. To achieve 60 or 66 points is referred to as a “Possible”.

VRA’s F Class beginner training resource

  • All activities on the Ipswich and District Rifle Club range at Ripley are subject to the Range approvals below.

range approvals chart