SouthEast District Rifle Association

SEDRA is the district association which Ipswich falls beneath. The association organise a number of shoots in the year where clubs come together and compete in teams against one another.

SEDRA provides oppurtunities for clubs to explore the enjoyment of the team aspects of our sport.

It is also a valuable learning ground for shooters to develop skills and experience as they compete without the stressful environment of a big competition.

SEDRA Teams Competition



SEDRA Clubs Location
Ipswich & District Rifle Club ‘Stewartdale’ SSAA Property at Ripley in Ipswich
Beaudesert Rifle Club Tabragalba Range Spengler Road Tabragalbra Fullbore Sundays from 11am
Gold Coast Rifle Club Belmont Shooting Complex
Murwillumbah Rifle Club Murwillumbah Rifle Range Stokers Siding Road Dunbibble Full Bore, Alternative Saturdays
Albert & District Rifle Club Belmont Shooting Complex