Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc.

The Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc. (IDRC) is a volunteer run not-for-profit community sporting club.

Our volunteers freely choose to share their spare time away from family and work commitments to operate and run the Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc.

As a volunteer run organisation we cater for the discipline of Full Bore Target shooting in the greater Ipswich region and meet most Saturday afternoons from 1:00pm (February to November). Visitors are always welcome!

IDRC is located on the SSAA 'Stewartdale' Target Sports Complex at Ripley in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia (approximately 40 minutes west of Brisbane and only 40 minutes drive from the Belmont Shooting Complex, the home of the  Queensland Rifle Association).

Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc. is also conveniently located just 15 minutes drive from both the RAAF Base Amberley and the Springfield lakes shopping centre.

The purpose of this site is to provide information for members, intending visitors and those who might be considering joining the Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc.

Our Full Bore Range

Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc. operates ‘the Full Bore Range at Ripley’ which has six firing points located at 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 metres from the targets.

The Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc. conducts 4 different classes of Full Bore target shooting. 

Classes include Target Rifle ; F-Class Standard ; F-Class Open & FTR. All classes are fired from the prone position.

Matches are conducted in accordance with the Standard Shooting Rules of the NRAA.  

Standard calibre of firearms used in Full Bore target shooting for Target Rifle and F-Class Standard are 7.62mm (308) and 5.56mm (223)

As a recent edition, the club is also conducting Small-bore target matches.

Full Bore Range opening times: As per club program.

** Please note: for the purpose of your inquiries and any bookings you shall make (i.e for your attendance at an approved safety course) this website relates to the Full Bore Range, and not SSAA Ipswich who are conveniently located just next door to us within the SSAA ‘Stewartdale’ shooting complex at Ripley.




Ripley Road Sth Ripley ‘Stewartdale’ SSAA QLD Property.


1:30pm – 5:00pm Saturdays, February to November.


Visitors are always welcome! New to long range?
Contact us to arrange a come and try!


Do you want to get a QLD Shooting Licence and need to complete a course in firearms safety?

Firearms safety course costs $140 (cash payments only) and participants are required to bring photo ID, a cold drink and sensible outdoor clothing.

The approved Weapons Safety Course entails a test on safety, a theory test on legislation and category A and B firearms (which will make more sense on the day) and a practical test, there is no prior knowledge or weapons handling experience required to complete the safety course.

The firearms course starts at 8:30am sharp and will should be finished by 4pm, lunch is not provided, but please feel free to bring along your own food. 

As places are limited bookings for the firearms safety course are essential.